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Update 31/08/2003 :
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News :

> INFAMY (with Coffin Texts members) on tour in Europe April 2004 !! Booking by SEVERAL BLEEDS RECORDS !! Killer tour next year !!
Contact : booking@severalbleedsrecords.com
or http://severalbleedsrecords.free.fr/



Review of the Excellent Webzine Nihilistic Holocaust.
COFFIN TEXTS : Tomb Of Infinite Ritual, Promo 2003
" Evil incantations emerging from the ancient forgotten tomb. Words of a deep occult sense meant to awake the undead from its eternal morbid rest. Old school is the style of COFFIN TEXTS who practice a Death/ Grind with many riffs reminding me of the early MORBID ANGEL's stuffs. Morbid sounding Death metal that also reminds me of SADISTIC INTENT ("Ancient black earth" MCD) for both the riffs and vocals, but also of ANGEL CORPSE's 2 first LPs. Exploding emanations of burning sulfur! Evil spells, fill the world with plague! You can read in hell and damnation this is fast tremolo driven death metal with many POSSESSED influences! Few 2 guitars melodies à la Trey Azagoth emerge from the deepness of a hellish pit! COFFIN TEXTS could also remind of INCANTATION (heaviest parts). Nice tracks with many variations. Cool drummer. Cool vocals.
This demo will be pretty cool for the fans of ancient satanic Death metal who need it obscure, damn old school and who still burn in hell!"




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